Writing and illustration competition

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Competitions for students
Year 3 to Year 6

2020 Writing competition

Students may write their short story on any idea that appeals to them.

Number of words:  

Section 1 –  Years  3-4    max 500 words
Section 2 –  Years  5-6    max 750 words
Entries should be emailed to: tell-me-a-story@ozemail.com.au


  • Friday 27th March – the last day to send entries
  • June 2020 – Schools are informed about the results of the writing competition.
  • September 2020 – The awards ceremony for writing and illustration competition.


All participating students receive judges’ feedback and a certificate. In addition, short-listed entries receive:
Section 1 –  Years 3-4   special trophies;
Section 2 –  Years 5-6   special trophies and four $50 prizes

2020 Illustration competition

Illustration competition follows the writing competition.

Any student interested in entering this competition will be asked to illustrate one of the short-listed stories from the writing competition.
The illustration competition will run from June 2020.
Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in September.