About the Competition

Students in Years 3 to 6 are invited to take part in Tell Me a Story writing and illustration competitions.

Tell me a Story competition is a local competition that has been running successfully in the Great Lakes area since 2018 and is very popular with students.

Competition goals:

  • Support schools in their effort to improve students’ literacy level;
  • Increase children’s creativity and confidence;
  • Provide out-of-school opportunities for students where they can experiment and put their skills to the test;
  • Help the children to discover passion through a fun creative process.

Competition values:  “Celebrating learning”.

Competition objective:  Encourage students to have a go and discover joy in writing and illustrating.

Key elements of the competition:

  • Tell Me a Story competition invites schools in the same region to participate;
  • All students participating in the writing competition receive a feedback from judges and a certificate.  There are trophies and cash prizes for top entries;
  • Illustration competition follows the writing competition and is based on top stories from the writing competition;
  • Winners are announced at the Awards ceremony, published on Tell Me a Story website and on Facebook;
  • All participating illustrations are exhibited at the Awards ceremony, together with short-listed stories;
  • Funds are raised in the local community, raising awareness and gaining support from the community.
  • There is one Awards ceremony for Tell Me a Story writing and illustration competition.

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