Conditions of Entry- Illustration

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Students in Year 3 to Year 6 can enter this competition.

A student is asked to submit an illustration for one of the winning stories in the Tell Me a Story Writing competition. There are separate lists of stories for Year 3-4 and Year 5-6 illustrators.

Student needs to select only one story for their illustration.

To enter this competition, request for an Entry Form(s), by sending an email to:

       with student’s name, school and year at school.   This can be sent as a list of students.


The illustration can be designed as the title page or as an illustration within the story.


Submitted entries should be the original work, not scanned or copied.

They must be either on A3 or A4 sized paper, either landscape or portrait format.

The artwork can be in any medium, in colour or black and white.  Soft mediums such as charcoal and pastel, must be ‘fixed’ with a spray fixative.  No entries which are still wet will be accepted.

Delivery of Art Work

Registration Number should be written at the back of an artwork.

Artwork and accompanying filled-in Entry Form should be bound together by a paper-clip.

Completed Illustration entries could be collected from schools by organisers, unless otherwise arranged.

Illustration entries should be received by Tuesday, 18th August 2020.

Other Important Information

Entries must be student’s own work.

By entering this competition, student’s guardian is agreeing for student’s work to be exhibited at the Tuncurry Beach Bowling Club and on Tell Me a Story website.

All entrants, their teachers and families are invited to attend the Awards Ceremony.