Tell Me a Story evolves into a beautiful illustration

Jeanene Duncan March 13 2019 – 2:00AM   

Local News

Aspiring young illustrators will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents in this year’s Tell Me A Story competition.

Tell Me A Story was launched last year showcasing the writing talents of primary and middle-school aged students from throughout the Great Lakes.

The competition attracted more than 50 entries.

Following on from the success of the inaugural competition, the organising committee has extended competition criteria to include illustrations.

By introducing story illustration to young people, we give artistically inclined students the opportunity to participate in this competition, and to enhance a written story with an appealing graphical presentation, Tell Me A Story writing competition president, Teresa Siminska said.

Competition artwork will be judged by members of the Great Lakes Art Society (GLAS).

GLAS also will provide its facilities to display the illustrations.

GLAS president, Bettina Digby is excited and delighted to be provide the venue and forge a relationship with the growing competition.

The GLAS committee is very enthusiastic for the society to be involved in the story illustration component of the competition in 2019, Ms Digby said.

We are looking forward to a being involved and holding a successful exhibition of the stories and illustrations in July, she said.

Ms Digby said forging a relationship with Tell Me A Story would fit in with its future plans for younger members of the community.

“We would like to expand our offering to more children in the community, particularly now a child is expected to do stem subjects – science, economics, technology, maths – to get into university.

“Creative writing and drawing are the fun things, and they can suffer a bit.

“We would like to give children the opportunity to do more fun things.”

Tell Me a Story organises competitions for school-aged children so they can discover their talents, and find adventure and joy in writing and illustrating.

Personal guidance is provided to students in a form of a feedback to their entries, so they can refine their skills. 

For more information visit the Tell Me A Story site. 

Tell Me A Story is sponsored by the Great Lakes Advocate